Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make A Job: Future Young Entrepreneurs Conference Big Success

On August 7, 2008, the Teen In Business team hosted the Make A Job: Future Young Entrepreneurs Conference, with 89 youth attending. The conference provided youth with business resources, kids workshop, business contests, business display expos, and entertainment. Younger youth participated in the Kids Penny Save workshop were they learned various ways to save money. Each youth received a savings book and piggy bank. The Teen Making Cash Display Expo had a variety of business display setups for attendees to view. They provided sample of business products and information about starting businesses such as food and concession stands, designer balloon businesses, photography businesses, as well as entertainment businesses.

The Entertainment and Business panel included David Cherry, Director of "Chicago All Star" ; Patricia Johnson, Executive Director of Odyssey Emblem Theatre; Tanikka Mitchell, manager of Tru Production; and Brenetta Howell Barrett, Executive Director, of Pathfinder Prevention Education Fund.

The keynote speaker was 16 year old Michael Willis, the Executive Director of the Austin Charger Football and Cheer nonprofit organization. Michael spoke of his reasons for starting his football organization in Columbus Park of the Austin Community. He said, " There were a lot younger youth who wanted to play football, but were not able because of their ages." He wanted to start a football team for them. The Austin Charger Football and Cheer organization teaches the basic fundamentals of football including life skills to youth between the ages of 5 to 18 years old. Michael Willis is a former youth intern at Prevention Force Family Center.

Datkins Clark, the business owner of Clark Music Production company won the young entrepreneurs business plan contest. Clark Music Production company provides a variety of services for young entertainers including DJ services. Datkins is a junior attending Michelle Clark High School. He is a member of Teen In Business Young Entrepreneurs Business Network.

The conference ended with the Get Success fashion show and entertainment from young entertainers such as Rachel Walker, Danetrice Richardson, Praise Dance team, and the Get Success fashion show from the Teen-N-Talent-Shirt Design Club.

Prevention Force Family Center helping Young Entrepreneurs and Youth

Prevention Force Family Center is a place that helps young entrepreneurs, and youth fulfill their dream of starting their own businesses, and creating their own jobs by using their talents, skills, hobbies, interest, and experiences. The programs provide youth with business resources, technical assistance support, business software, consulting services, business training, and grantwriting workshops.

Prevention Force Family Center is 501*3 nonprofit community based organization that established the Teen In Business programs in 2005 to teach youth and young entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship, how to start a business, and create their own jobs. The Teen In Business programs have been providing employment and business opportunities for teens to earn wages while do something with their lives. The program has entrepreneurial opportunities such as the Teen-N-Talent T-shirt Design Club, I Dare to Dream Kids Garden Club, Teen Web Design Club, Teen Digital Photography Club, grantwriting, and community projects at the agency.

Since 2005, the Teen In Business program has trained/instructed youth and young entrepreneurs in how to start snowball stand, lemonade stand, nacho stand, T-shirt design, web design, jewelry, and photo businesses. They have assisted high school students between the ages of 14 to 18 years old in starting their own businesses in their community. Michael Willis, Executive Director of Chicago Charger Football nonprofit organization, Jeremiah Jordan, business owner of Jordan Maid Services, Datkins Clark and Rachel Walker, business owners of Clark Production Company.