Saturday, April 02, 2005

History and Mission

Prevention Force Family Center (PFFC) is a 501-© 3 nonprofit community based organization that is located in the West Garfield community. PFFC was established in 1996 by a community resident who believes that struggling youth and families need and deserve an opportunity to "get back on track," with qualified programs and services. (PFFC) is committed to helping individuals, small businesses and grass root organizations realize their entrepreneurial dreams that will aid in enriching their community.

PFFC's mission is to create an environment where individuals are self-sufficient, responsible and productive residents of the community. Our primary goal is to provide the necessary programs and services that help low-income individuals, youth and families become self-sufficient in their communities. Our objectives are threefold: 1).to develop and implement prevention, education, health youth development, entrepreneurship, self-employment, and job readiness training programs and resource/referral services to community residents who live in underserved communities; 2).to collaborate with other organizations and businesses on providing comprehensive programs and social services to low income families who live in underserved communities and 3).to conduct business workshops, seminars and provide technical assistance services that will assist the entrepreneurs, businesses and grass root organizations with the necessary tools to make their business a succeed.

The primary communities served by PFFC are the Near Westside, North Lawndale, Austin, East and West Garfield Park communities of Chicago.

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