Tuesday, June 06, 2006

North Lawndale Summer Kick Off Fair

Timthoy Medford (Model) , Shannon Jasper(Model), Triston Dotson(Fashion Designer), Tyesha Bush (Model), Cameron Taylor (Model)

Prevention Force Family Center Inc. and Creative & Concept Development Inc. collaborated to host the First Annual North Lawndale Summer Kick Off Fair that was held on Saturday, June 3, 2006, at the Homan Square Building located at 3333 W. Arthington, Chicago, IL. The fair provided resources to parents and youths about affordable summer programs and free summer activities in the community. Parents were able to register their children in organization's summer programs. Several children's activities were conducted at the fair such as contests, raffle, games, and the Teen Star Theater Team performance, as well as Hip Hop Teen Fashion show that was performed by the youths from Michelle Clark High School and Betsy Ross Elementary School.

Triston Dotson, an up and coming fashion designer, designed all the outfits in the Hip Hop Teen fashion show. He is a sophomore at Michelle Clark High School. Triston is the owner of Trig's Clothing and SJ Website Designer Service. He specializes in creating websites and design clothes for young people. His hobbies are designing clothes, drawing, and running track. He is planning to develop his own hip hop fashion clothing line. Triston currently works at Prevention Force Family Center as a youth entrepreneur leader. His job responsiblities consist of clerical duties, conducting youth entrepreneurial and job readiness skills workshops. He graduated from the Teen Working Toward Entreprenership program, and won the TWET internship contest. He is a member of the Young Future Team that teach other youth job readiness skills.

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