Sunday, August 30, 2015


Jenette Cosey and Amanda Ball are making a difference on Chicago’s West Side and in the lives of the individuals in numerous communities. As Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants, they are receiving valuable training at Prevention Force Family Center. The training they are receiving will assist them in achieving their professional goals.

Mrs. Latonya Clark, Client Service Representative at (SCSEP)  recently had an opportunity to watch Jenette and Amanda in action. She said,"I was truly impressed with these awesome women!" Even though it was Jenette’s first time facilitating a CPR Life Skills class she did a wonderful job. Jenette was previously a home healthcare worker for numerous years. Her experience in the healthcare field assisted her in transitioning to the CPR Life Skills Facilitator training position at Prevention Force Family Center..

Amanda assisted Jenette every step of the way. Amanda was previously a registered nurse for numerous years. Her experience in the healthcare field assisted her in transitioning to the Administrative Assistant position over the  Health and Youth Department at the agency. Amanda assist CPR instructors with the CPR/AED and First Aids training classes. Amanda is always willing to help a team member in need.

Mrs. Clark said, "It was great to witness teamwork. It takes a team to achieve program goals. At Prevention Force Family Center, SCSEP participants are learning the true meaning of teamwork. Mrs. Clark said, She was proud that they were able to work as a team when it mattered the most." As she observed Jenette and Amanda teach individuals in the class, She was excited for them, as they taught others how to keep the heart pumping for individuals who are in distress. Congratulations to both Jenette and Amanda for being a true example that learning is powerful!

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Good Morning, when is the next CPR class for May? Thank you!