Saturday, May 13, 2006

Young Futures Team

Typesh Bush, Shannon Jasper, Tristan Dotson, Jeremiah Jordan

The Young Futures team were presented with a trophy from the Crib Collective organzation for their outstanding community work in the North Lawndale Community.

The Young Futures Team conducted five job readiness workshops to over hundred and twenty-five youths between the ages of 14 to 18 years old, and fifty of the youths received job positions with the City of Chicago Kid Start summer jobs program. The team has partners with St. Agatha Family Empowerment, Michelle Clark High School, Better Boys Foundation, After School Matter and the City of Chicago Region 3 Youthnet to provide job readiness workshop for youth.

The Young Futures Team conducted the Job Readiness Workshop at the Austin YWCA, where a hundred youths attended their workshop to learn about job readiness skills, and how to apply for a job with the After School Matter summer job program. The team provided youths with job readiness handouts and step by step instruction on how to complete a job application and resume, including information about the do and don't of an interview. Over fifty of the youth received a summer job.

For more information about the job readiness workshop contact:
Prevention Force Family Center
3333 W. Arthington, Suite 150
Chicago, IL 60624
(773) 863-5694

The projected is funding by the Crib Collective Organzation.

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