Friday, June 02, 2006

The Young Leader Fund Awards to Prevention Force Family Center (PFFC)

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Jeremiah Jordan, Lesley Martinez, Sandra Glenn, Jacquline Obligue, Tyesha Bush, Daniela Lalor, Shannon Jasper, Triston Dotson

The Young Leaders Fund grant was awards to Prevention Force Family Center to support the “Teens In Business Development Club” which is a youth-led entrepreneurial leadership training program that is designed for youths to train other 14 to 19 year olds on starting and operating a youth business club in their schools, neighborhoods, churches, block clubs, and youth centers. This project creates economic opportunity to counter the scarcity of jobs for youth. The youth “trainers” will be graduates of the “Teens Working Towards Entreprenuerial Program” who will work with an adult coordinator to teach the other youth members of the club how to form a business club, including raising capital, establishing a management team, creating by-laws and club policies, developing a record keeping system, opening a bank account, producing and marketing a product to sell in their business club, and determining how to use the profits to pay the youth members and hire other youth members for job positions established by the club.

Program Goals and Objectives:The primary objective is to provide high-risk youths with entrepreneurial training that introduces them to the worlds of business and entrepreneurship and provides them with opportunities to obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to form and operate a youth business club in their community

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