Tuesday, June 06, 2006

North Lawndale Summer Kick Off Fair

Timthoy Medford (Model) , Shannon Jasper(Model), Triston Dotson(Fashion Designer), Tyesha Bush (Model), Cameron Taylor (Model)

Prevention Force Family Center Inc. and Creative & Concept Development Inc. collaborated to host the First Annual North Lawndale Summer Kick Off Fair that was held on Saturday, June 3, 2006, at the Homan Square Building located at 3333 W. Arthington, Chicago, IL. The fair provided resources to parents and youths about affordable summer programs and free summer activities in the community. Parents were able to register their children in organization's summer programs. Several children's activities were conducted at the fair such as contests, raffle, games, and the Teen Star Theater Team performance, as well as Hip Hop Teen Fashion show that was performed by the youths from Michelle Clark High School and Betsy Ross Elementary School.

Triston Dotson, an up and coming fashion designer, designed all the outfits in the Hip Hop Teen fashion show. He is a sophomore at Michelle Clark High School. Triston is the owner of Trig's Clothing and SJ Website Designer Service. He specializes in creating websites and design clothes for young people. His hobbies are designing clothes, drawing, and running track. He is planning to develop his own hip hop fashion clothing line. Triston currently works at Prevention Force Family Center as a youth entrepreneur leader. His job responsiblities consist of clerical duties, conducting youth entrepreneurial and job readiness skills workshops. He graduated from the Teen Working Toward Entreprenership program, and won the TWET internship contest. He is a member of the Young Future Team that teach other youth job readiness skills.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sandra Glenn Nominated for the North Lawndale Spirit of Youth Development Award

The “Spirit of Youth Development Award” recognizes people who have made contributions to the overall health and well-being of North Lawndale youth. Contributions to our community’s youth vary in type – no contribution is too small or too large. Recipients of the award reflect the broad spectrum of work in the community.

Ms. Sandra Glenn was nominated by many community residents, business owners, presidents, and teachers.

The following are statements from some of those individuals who nominated Ms. Glenn.

Ms. Armstrong, teacher at Michelle Clark High School said, "It is with great pleasure to work with Ms. Sandra Glenn. Sandra is a good candidate to receive the North Lawndale “Spirit of Youth Development Award”. I have known Ms. Glenn for six years, as a Prevention Specialist and Community Liason. She has been working with the students at Michelle Clark High School who live in the East, West Garfield, Austin and North Lawndale community. She has been teaching life skills to the students who are enrolled in the WECEP program for the past ten years. She has helps fifty students through a Youth Employment Internship program. Also, she has helps other nonprofit organizations to hire students in training them in the clerical field. In addition, Ms. Glenn has provided information about summer jobs for students and youth who did not obtain city summer jobs. Last summer, she worked with the local youth and other youth on the Westside of Chicago on the Smokeout 2005 “Chicago Smokefree Campaign”. She organized youth leaders and provided youth with advocate training. She worked with youth on conducting a press conference, and youth focus groups at the North Lawndale Friends of Library community projects. She scheduled youth to participate in rallies that brought public awareness about the danger of secondhand smoke and danager of being in gangs.

Ayo Maat, Ph.D., M. HS, CEO and president, Black Network In Children’s Emotional Health community organization said , "I have known Sandra Glenn for 5 years and worked with her on a youth tobacco prevention project at the BEW organization. I find her to be extraordinarily dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children once left behind by the human service and education systems. She is dedicated to the positive development of youth and their families at a time when funding dollars seem to dry up and parents often do not volunteer.

Sandra blows the lid off of service when she gives of her energy and time to help families maintain pride, stability, and skills development despite the dismal outlooks they face if they listen to the misperception of social scientists, news analysts and urban planners who have never met the families she serves.

I witness her diligence and love in hosting not only traditional afterschool events, but family dinners and theatric events with youth taking the lead, thanks to her creative training and guidance. Though youth may come with poor reading and writing scores, they achieve amazing organizing and acting skills in prevention.

Through her volunteer works, She has transformed a small part of North Lawndale into a heavenly assemblage of drugfree, violence-free young people and proud parents who have discovered hidden talents and resiliency where they thought none existed.

She is the Spirit of Youth Development as she pours her spirit into developing youth leaders to be community workers now and in the future.

Biography Sandra Glenn

Sandra Glenn is a community liason and ones of the founder of Prevention Force Family Center, Inc a nonprofit community-based organization that provides health, self employment training, job readiness and entrepreneurial training programs to low income individuals and community residents. She also provides technical assistance services to small businesses, churches, community groups and grass root organizations. Prevention Force Family Center specializes in working with low income clients in starting home based businesses in the areas of day care, financial services, technology, direct marketing, retailing, graphic arts, and entertainment. For those interested in small businesses, nonprofit organizations, she offers assistance in the incorporation nonprofit organizations, research grants, development programs, and applying for 501 (c) 3 tax exemption status. In addition, Ms. Glenn also has developed and implemented the Business Networking Action consortium meetings for small business owners and executive directors of grassroot nonprofit organizations to network, obtain business and grant resources including she provides one on one consultation to each member.

Ms. Glenn was the founder of her own consulting business, Growing Bosses Enterprise, offering personal business coaching, self development, business startup workshops, marketing seminars, and consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, community residents and small businesses.

She has collaborated with the Chicago Public Schools, Douglass Library, Austin Library, Legler Library, and North Lawndale YMCA. Devry Institute, the City of Chicago Mayor Employment Training program, Michelle Clark High School, Healthy Families of Chicago, Youth In Power Inc, Ivy Foundation for Better Living, Embrace Life, Inc, Help2adapt, Inc., BNICEH Inc, Word of Ministries, Umoja Learning Center, St. John Health Center, Inc. Creative Concept Development Inc, Mildred Frank Foundation, Career Educational Network, North Friends of Library, Westside Health Authority, Gearup, and Chicago Area Project on entrepreneurial programs and prevention educational projects.

Through implementing a variety of youth and self employment programs, Ms. Glenn was able to accomplishment the following:

Since 1997, She have trained over three hundred Individuals in starting a business or a nonprofit organization. She have assisted ten nonprofit organzations with obtaining their tax exemption status. She helped fifty organizations obtain funding for their programs.

Since 2002, she has asssiting with the Youth Employment Internship program that provides job readiness training and clerical work experiences to over fifty students from Michele Clark High School. The students are 14 to 16 years of age. She also recruited local social services organizations to assist her in training the students in the clerical field. Also, many students learned how to write proposals and work on community projects. The students lived in Austin, North Lawndale, West and East Garfield community.

In the past five years Ms. Glenn has assisted with the implementing the Kids Business Training program which provides over a hundred youth between the ages of 10 to 14 years training in starting a small business in their community, and facilitating youth who were unable to obtain summer employment elsewhere.

Ms. Glenn has assisted and implemented the Teen Working Toward Entrepreneurship Afterschool program where twenty youth were trained in starting a web design business in their community. Four of the youth are now enrolled in the TWTE Internship program. The TWTE Internship program assisted the young entreprenuers in obtaining their business licences and developing a marketing and financial plan for their business.

Over the past three years, twenty-five youth have participated in the Teen Star Theater program learning how to write skits, acting skills and performing violence skits and vignettes on teen violence issues at the local Chicago Public Library Branches and other youth organizations.

Sandra is also a board member of the North Lawndale Friends of Douglass Library. She volunteered as a speaker on career days and other events at local schools explaining the benefits of being self employed and encourages students to start their own business. She has assisted a variety of non-profit oganizations and businesses with their paperworks and community projects.

Sandra believes that struggling youth and families need and deserve an opportunity to "get back on track," with qualified programs and services.

She is committed to addressing economic development and social change, youth unemployment, poverty, life skills and teen violence issues that youth face in their life. She continued to help individuals, youth and grass root organizations realize their entrepreneurial dreams that will aid in enriching their community.

The Young Leader Fund Awards to Prevention Force Family Center (PFFC)

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Jeremiah Jordan, Lesley Martinez, Sandra Glenn, Jacquline Obligue, Tyesha Bush, Daniela Lalor, Shannon Jasper, Triston Dotson

The Young Leaders Fund grant was awards to Prevention Force Family Center to support the “Teens In Business Development Club” which is a youth-led entrepreneurial leadership training program that is designed for youths to train other 14 to 19 year olds on starting and operating a youth business club in their schools, neighborhoods, churches, block clubs, and youth centers. This project creates economic opportunity to counter the scarcity of jobs for youth. The youth “trainers” will be graduates of the “Teens Working Towards Entreprenuerial Program” who will work with an adult coordinator to teach the other youth members of the club how to form a business club, including raising capital, establishing a management team, creating by-laws and club policies, developing a record keeping system, opening a bank account, producing and marketing a product to sell in their business club, and determining how to use the profits to pay the youth members and hire other youth members for job positions established by the club.

Program Goals and Objectives:The primary objective is to provide high-risk youths with entrepreneurial training that introduces them to the worlds of business and entrepreneurship and provides them with opportunities to obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to form and operate a youth business club in their community

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Young Futures Team

Typesh Bush, Shannon Jasper, Tristan Dotson, Jeremiah Jordan

The Young Futures team were presented with a trophy from the Crib Collective organzation for their outstanding community work in the North Lawndale Community.

The Young Futures Team conducted five job readiness workshops to over hundred and twenty-five youths between the ages of 14 to 18 years old, and fifty of the youths received job positions with the City of Chicago Kid Start summer jobs program. The team has partners with St. Agatha Family Empowerment, Michelle Clark High School, Better Boys Foundation, After School Matter and the City of Chicago Region 3 Youthnet to provide job readiness workshop for youth.

The Young Futures Team conducted the Job Readiness Workshop at the Austin YWCA, where a hundred youths attended their workshop to learn about job readiness skills, and how to apply for a job with the After School Matter summer job program. The team provided youths with job readiness handouts and step by step instruction on how to complete a job application and resume, including information about the do and don't of an interview. Over fifty of the youth received a summer job.

For more information about the job readiness workshop contact:
Prevention Force Family Center
3333 W. Arthington, Suite 150
Chicago, IL 60624
(773) 863-5694
Email: pffcsg@aol.com

The projected is funding by the Crib Collective Organzation.

Teen Working Toward Entrepreneurial Graduation Event

The Teen Working Toward Entrepreneurship program trained twenty young people on how to start and operate a web designing business.

Front roll: Patricia Johnson (entrepreneur instructor), Jeremiah Jordan ( young entrepreneur graduate), Jacqueline Olugbile(entrepreneur/web design instructor), Sandra Glenn, (community liason)

Second roll: (Graduate) Ashley James, Shannon Jasper, Tyesha Bush, Armani Hassell, Troy Ollie, Tamiasha Hyman,Tristan Dotson, Antwain Applewhite, Ronnesha Wilson

Teen Working Toward Entrepreneurship
Young Entrepreneurs Profile

Antwain Applewhite is the owner of AA Web Designing Services. We specialize in building websites for Individuals, Small Businesses and Faith Based organizations.

About Me

I am 17 year olds; I attend Collins High School. I am in the 12 grade. I like learning new business skills that help me make money. I want to be a chef.

For more information check out website at http://www.aawebdesigningservices.blogspot.com/

Tyesha Bush is the owner of TB Website Designer Services. We specialize in building websites for young people who are interested in put their poetry on the Internet. We never turn down anyone.

About Me

I am 15 year olds; I attend Michelle Clark High School. I am in the 10 grade. I like doing fun things such as dancing, singing, and acting. I am on the Teen Star Theater team, and the Michelle Clark Cheerleader team. I enjoy written poetry and modeling.

For more information contact my website at www.tatsmindoflife.blogspot.com/
email me at tyesha_bush@yahoo.com

Tristan Dotson is the owner of SJ Website Designer Service. We specialize in creating websites and design clothes for young people.

About Me

I am 15 year old; I attend Michelle Clark High School. I am in the 10 grades. I like to design clothes, drawing, and running track. I am planning to start my own fashion cloth line business.

For more information check out website www.mastatrigsclothing.blogspot.com/

Armani Hassell is the owner of AH Website Designs Company. We specialize in developing Blog websites for teens in schools.

About Me

I am 14 year olds; I attend Our lady School. I am in the 8 grade. I like basketball, and the choir. I am on the basketball team. I am planning to start my own website business and make lot money.

For more information check out website: http://www.ahwebdesigns.blogspot.com/

Temiasha Hyman is the owner of TH Web Designer Services. We specialize in building websites for teens, businesses, and churches.

About Me

I am 17 years old. I attend Collins High School. I am an 11th grade. I like have fun with my friends and family. I am starting this web designing business to make a lot money.

For more information check out website: www.thwebdesignerservices.blogspot.com

Ashley James is the owner of ASJ Web Designer Company. We specialize in state of the art web design technology, our prices are affordabel , our expertise is unmatched.

About Me

I am 17 year olds; I attend Collins High School. I am in the 10 grade. I like learning new ways to better myself. I am planning to start my own website business in my community.

For more information check out website: http://www.asjweddesiger.blogspot.com/

Shannon Jasper is the owner of SJ Website Designer Services make peoples websites come alive. We specialize in building websites for teens to schools to churches. You tell us what you want and we'll do it right!

About Me

I am 15 year olds; I attend Michelle Clark High School. I am in the 10 grade. I like dancing, and singing. I am on the Michelle Clark Cheerleader team. I am planning to start my own dance club for youths.

For more information check out website at : www.sjwebdesignerservices.blogspot.com or

Jeremiah Jordan is the owner of JJ Website Designer Services and Clean. We specialize in create websites for anyone who want to adveriste their businesses on the Internet.

About Me

I am 18 year olds; I attend Austin High School. I am in the 12 grade. I like learning new skills that help me with my business ideas. I have started my own janitor cleaning service business.

For more information check out website at or Elijah_Jerm@yahoo.com

Troy Ollie is the owner of Troy Ollie Web Designer. We specialize in creating profiessional and fun websites for teens, businesses, and churches.

About Me

I am 15 years old. I attend Orr High School. I am in the 10th grade. I like read and talking. I have design T shirts and want to start a t-shirt business in my community. The name of T-shirt is Chi-Town's King T-Shirt Company

For more information contact at http://geocities.com/try_oliver/webdesigner.
or email try_Oliver@yahoo.com

Ronnesha Wilson is the owner of RW Web Designer Services. We specialize in building websites for teens, businesses, and churches.

About Me

I am 16 years old. I attend Collins High School. I am an 10th grade and I am going to college to be a nurse. I like shopping with my sister and godmother.

For more information check out website: www.rwwebdesignerservices.blogspot.com

For more information about entrepreneurial training programs contact:

Prevention Force Family Center
3333 W. Arthington, Suite 150
Chicago, IL 60624
(773) 863-5694
email: pffcsg@aol.com
Website: http://www.pffc.blogspot.com/

Project funding by Steans Family Foundation and Regional 3 Youthnet

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Upcoming Kid Craft Business Workshops

Create Your Own Job!


Here's youth chance to learn how to start and design a T shirt. We will walk youth through the process of design and making a t shirt from start to finish. This workshop is for beginners.


How to Design Button for Profit Workshop

In this workshop youth will learn step by step how to design and make a variety of buttons. Finally, youth will make a photo button l. This is the perfect workshop for teens that are interested in drawing, arts, and doing some fun.


Teen Grant Writing Workshop

In this workshop youth will learn step by step how to complete a grant application. Youth will be involved in developing youth-led community project, and completing a budget for the grant application.

Junior Digital Photography Workshop

Introduce youth to the world of digital photography and Photoshop Elements. Youth will explore their surroundings with digital cameras - learning different ways to make successful pictures business. After learning about a variety ways of making money using a digital camera.. Youth will discover how to make photo calendar using pictures, change colors and backgrounds.

Must register for Summer Teen Business camp by May 1, 2009. For more information and schedule call Prevention Force Family Center at (773) 863-5694.

Teen Work Toward Entrepreneurship Program

The Teen Work Toward Entrepreneurship program is an entrepreneurial training program that designed to give youth business knowledge, training , resources, tools and skills needed to start and operate a successful small business and web design business in their community. Starting a Web Design Business?

Prevention Force Family Center is now accepting applications from young people between the ages of 14-21 years old, for the second phase of the Teens Working Toward Entrepreneurship program. The program will train young people on how to start and operate a business in their community.
The Program Benefits are:

1) Free Entrepreneurial and Web Design Training
2) Web design business Internship
3) Youth Money Making Opportunity projects
4) Writing proposal for grant funds
5) Qualify for business loans
6) Opening a Business Checking Account

Eligibility Criteria; Applicants must be/have:

• Between the ages of 14-21
• Must live in North Lawndale, Austin, East and West Garfield communites.

Call 773-863-5694 for more information. Applications are available by email PFFCSG@aol.com. The program start Saturday March 4, 2006 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm for 10 weeks.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Teen In Business Development Club

The Teen In Business Development Club project is a youth-led entrepreneurial leadership training program that designed for youths to train other youths ages 14 to 19 years old, on how to start and operate a youth business club in their neighborhoods, churches, block clubs, schools and youth centers.

The program goal is to increase youth activities in the field of entrepreeneurship and small business.

The Teen In Business Development Club services are:

  • Club Development Training and Planning
  • Business Training workshops
  • Teen Grant Writing workshops
  • Business advices
  • The Teen Business Consortium monthly meeting
The Business Development Club Include:
  • Festival Giving Fundraising Event (December)
  • Sale and Market Day Event (December)
  • Teen In Business Club Conference (June)
  • Field trips (July)
For more information about starting a Teen Business Club in your community contact us at (773) 287-5543 or email PFFCSG@aol.com.